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Eleanor and Dario's interactive workshops and educational performances take students on a dynamic ride through a variety of programs including songwriting, music business readiness and improvisation, an introduction to traditional Argentine folk music and how the duo builds a concert for their diverse audiences.

Eleanor is a USA-born vocalist, guitarist and cellist who sings in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Her music is open-hearted and culturally fluid, connecting underground tributaries between languages and world rhythms in uplifting, soulful compositions that explore the fragile links between human emotions and responsibility. Based in New York City, she performs and leads educational programs throughout the United States and internationally via the U.S. Department of State’s Arts Envoy and African Regional Services Programs. Eleanor holds a BA from Brown University in Philosophy of Education focusing on the relationship between art and social justice.

Dario, a guitarist, composer and master of Latin folk instruments, combines his deep knowledge of classical and South American vocabularies with his passion for jazz harmony and free improvisation. Born in Tucumán, Argentina, Dario was raised in a traditional home filled with folk music and frequently accompanied his father Kato Acosta to peñas (informal gatherings of folk musicians who share traditional songs). Dario graduated from the University of Tucumán Conservatory training program at the age of eleven and earned a Master's degree in jazz performance from Hebrew University's Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. His new album FOLKLORE (2022) leaps from his folk roots to bold new jazz vocabularies, merging New York City with Afro-Latin candombe, chacarera and Andean huayno.

Study Guides and Teacher Testimonials:

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